Pure Blood
Karya: Selist Emerald Valley

Diana Charlotte, brought to be food for vampire leader Raizel Harrison de Haltz, surprises everyone by facing her fate bravely. Despite being drained of blood, she survives, her weak heart still beating, in the presence of the powerful vampire.

Cadeau Brillant
Karya: Gabriella Seraphina

Klara plans to move on from her past relationship with Nathan, but fate reunites them in Jakarta. Working together on a project, they confront their shared history and future decisions amidst various obstacles.

Life is A Stained Glass Window
Karya: Saskia Electra

Twenty-two-year-old Ivy graduates with an English literature degree, expecting a new chapter. However, she faces unexpected challenges, leading to self-reflection, conflicts with others, and navigating life's complexities.

Romeo and Juliet
Karya: William Shakespeare

"Romeo and Juliet" is a tragic love story set in Verona. Their secret marriage, miscommunications, and deaths reconcile their families, highlighting the destructive power of hatred.

Frozen in Time, Melted in Truth
Karya: Emilia Chintia

This poetry collection follows the five stages of grief from a female perspective, challenging victim-blaming in sexual harassment.

Unlikely Approachable
Karya: Heni Akbar

Ratna navigates her attraction to a popular guy, Ananta, while grappling with insecurities. Will she take a chance on love?

Trust Yourself, You Can Do It
Karya: Muftihaturrahmah Burhamzah

This book teaches interpersonal skills through inspiring stories, guiding readers to overcome challenges, manage emotions, and become effective leaders in both work and personal life.

Cultures Around the World
Karya: Lely Novia

"Cultures around the World" explores 8 elements shaping diverse cultures, offering insights into social, artistic, and historical aspects.